Quality guaranteed house cleaning services

Power washing

We have cold and hot water portable and mountable power washers equipment to handle any size job. We can contain waste water overflow and remove it from the site.

Our experts use a GREEN line of products and the newest equipment available to deliver a clean safe carpet that your family or tenants will enjoy.

Stripping and refinishing Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT), warehouse floor scrubbing and sealing, grout cleaning; we work on a wide variety of surfaces to keep your facilities looking it's best.

Our rates are very competitive; let one of our representatives provide you with a free estimate.

We have a team of specialists on every area involved on cleaning after construction: glass cleaners with vast experience removing foreign materials without scratching your windows and delivering a clean frame.; cleaners with a trained eye to detail dust every corner where dust settles after sanding, wood cutting and floor grinding; experienced floor crew that will make every surface look it's best again.

We have done work for all sizes general contractor and construction companies all over California on restaurant and retail spaces, senior citizen residential facilities, housing developments, etc.


Over time of routine cleaning your employees develop a pattern where details get missed and it is evident by a dingy look or increasing smell. Give us the opportunity to show you what our trained technician equipped with the lattes technology available in the industry can do to improve the appearance of your facilities and give your tenants or customers a more pleasant experience while at your facilities.

We will come to you and clean one restroom at no charge and suggest a program of periodic maintenance. We are confident that we can exceed your expectations and you will request our services.

Parking lot Sweeping

We have air sweepers that can access all size parking lots. Our crew is trained to air blow every corner and sidewalk to insure the best possible appearance of you shopping center and Office building parking lot .


We have the right equipment to scrub and refinish all size warehouse floors. We are experienced containing and disposing off hazardous materials as well.

Our long time habits of disposing of all materials through one channel makes it hard for us to realize how much recyclables get thrown out in the trash. This practice is not only attempting against our environment by saturating land fields but it also increases our expense for wet trash collection. Let one of our representatives show you how easy it is to do our part in saving our planet while saving money!!!